Averse to pushy people/cultures, endemic in the capital system workplace:
  1. Should be moot in on-site consults, that's generally what I found in decades of on-site work at places like IBM, even though it was really just contract wage labor, not actual consulting, but untill the late teens of this century, worked primarily remote. Originally written to respond to recruiters and craigslist ads, and retained for background with the main active content being pm-lets in the principalsonly domain, wagelabor.tcb ( this and a few other static pages) are directed to contract hires for jobbed elements of my development, for reciprocality and contrast with the larger culture.

    As I add app/service sales to my pension income, still responding to job solicitations that seem possibly consonant with the response card , if you've made a preliminary buy decision, a quick close can be anticipated. In contrast to the observed programmer generation turnover that short circuits most putting in the well known needed time for mastery of pretty much anything, I've been a software engineer¹ since 1980 and I continue to develop my productive powers constantly, am entering the decades of unfettered productivity.

    Ofc I don't take it especially personally, the high attrition rate and perpetual callowness of the programming work force, the incessant attempts to dominate, denigrate, and dummy down attest to general social issues. Even allowing for the pecularities of this particular professional wage labor market, it maybe unreasonable to expect less attrition for something which is all of challenging, valuable, and contrary in its requirements compared to what society generally produces or firms will tolerate in workers.

    Although at the end of the second decade of the 21st century the negative, regressive scenario is still the commonly observed one, there are also accelerating, positive, progressive trends, asserted over long time and in spite of a (mistaken) general sense of inevitable dystopia. And as ever, realities of this form of production, e.g. where narrow pinning on langs and program products gives way to "fullstack".

    Should be unforced and natural:

  2. Show Respect.       Get Respect.

    I believe ...

  3. ... that Capital, the ism, will survive its current apparent crisis, retain its ever widening grip on all production, largely due to b) the unreadyness of virtually every class to move to a higher form of production and a) the so-called subjective factor. Such attempts to break free of class domination, classically via more or less successful State Capitalism, or botched attempts at same, generally end in sudden or gradual recidivism to more elemental but ever more pervasive forms. Additionally it is the traditional carrier of the fundamental value of individuality and such freedom from social determinations as has so far been actually delivered.
  4. However the current form of mixed Monopoly Capitalism which is at the top socialized production of the multi-nationals and at the bottom largely a continuation of feudal social relations in the shop on a wage labor basis and thruout, on every level, manifests the essential character of blind domination for the purpose of accumulation, is unsustainable.
  5. Attempts to eliminate class society by proclamation are naïve, misguided and reminiscent of the claims that you sometimes hear for eliminating money. Eliminating the accounting of value function of money is absurd, as is for example the conflation of cryptographic proof of work with fiat money's store of value function in various cryptocurrencies.

    The elimination of class society, assuming it is even desirable, can at most be achieved by a profound transformation of the entire human stock in question and again the notion that you can simply declare differences in human beings abolished is just as ill conceived.

  6. Capitalism has been called the Unknown Ideal, because the Ideal that was envisioned, that of free producers of value engaged in free enterprise is belied by the actually existing Capitalism in which modern socialized production is projected into essentially a continuation of the class framework and social relations of late feudalism and early Capitalism with the proletariat replacing the peasantry and an erratic and uneven embourgeoisment, expanding in Asia, contracting in the US. Realization of the ideal requires some radical transformation to even achieve the commonly asserted goals, let alone something better, should that become conceivable.

¹ First programming about 5-6 years before that and first held that job title in the mid 80s.
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